Halmeu is the most famous strawberry producer commune. Besides strawberries, another remarkable crop is the vineyard, the wines in Halmeu being well known both in the county and at a regional level. Other touristic attractions in the area: Piatra Cerbului, Cider tree of Halmeu Vii, Halmeu Reformed Church, Heroes ‘monument, Tur river banks (natural reservation) – a perfect place to practice cyclo-tourism, the Permanent exhibition of Vigh István paintings (on the halls of the commune´s local council, exhibition donated by the painter for his home village). The day of Halmeu, organized in the last Saturday and Sunday on May, the local Fair, which takes place the second Thursday of each month, as well as the day of the local churches are the most important events at a local level.

Tămăşeni village belongs, from an administrative and territorial point of view to the Bătarci commune. Amongst the most important touristic attractions we can mention the ruins of the fortress on the near by hill, the reformed church, Piatra Cerbului, Fântâna lui Sarcă, Fântâna Lupului, Fântâna Cerbului, Cetăţuia, Comoara.

Turulung commune includes three locations, Turulung , Drăgușeni and Turulung Vii. According to the archeological discoveries in the Turulung commune, this area was inhabited even from the Paleolitic. Important topuristic attractions in the area: Perenyi Castle, reformed church, Roman – Catholic Church and the Historic Monumnet in the memory of the people deported to Russia.

The wine-growing touristic route is continued to Orasu Nou either through Călineşti-Oaş, or through Livada. Călinești Oaș Commune is located in the west part of the Țara Oașului Valley, and in the North-East of Satu Mare County, at 40 km from Satu Mare Municipality. Touristic attractions in the area: the reservoir, Orthodox cathedral, Rural House – Museum, the Wooden Church from Lechinţa and the Natural Reservation “Cursul inferior al Râului Tur”.

The wine-growing touristic route can be continued also through Livada, where one can visit the following touristic attractions: Vecsey Castle, built in 1760, a remarkable example of Barroque architecture, on a rectangular scale, on 3 levels, surrounded by an English park ideal for walks and the Calvine reformed church (dating back to 1457) which, although was affected by the interventions from 1779 still maintains in great part the Gothic architecture and decorations. Once in Oraşu Nou, with its villages, Prilog, Prilog Vii, Remetea-Oaş, Oraşu Nou Vii, tourists can taste local wines at local wine contests (February). Besides this, interested tourists can visit Széchenyi Monument (Remetea Oaş), Recreation area „Mujdeni Lake” and the inn with the same name. Moreover, a special pilgrimage place is the Portăriţa Monastery in Oraşu Nou. Amongst local events, besides wine contests, we can mention the brandy contests and the Day of the Commune organized om the last Sunday of July.
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